Negreanu’s 5th WSOP Bracelet

At last, after waiting eagerly for 8yrs, he has finally made it. But the win did not come so easily as he had to face fierce completion through out the tournament to make is long awaited bracelet win.  Negreanu has got to be the happiest poker player in the world after winning his 5th bracelet.  This comes after many failed tries the latest on being the bracelet he lost to his best buddy Phil Ivey.

After the win, thee poker pro was recorded to have said that the win was worth waiting for. He was unable to hide his joy even on the social media posting several tweets on his account expressing himself to his fans around the world. The win also comes as a relief to all his poker fans around the world who eagerly waited for a come back of the poker pro. In an event held at the Melbourne WSOP Asia pacific, Negreanu managed to best a total of 405 entrants in to the event.  On top of the bracelet, the poker pro also managed to bank cool $ 1, 038,825 which was the first place holder top prize.

His was a classic win as he managed to dominate the final table al through the time of play beating the entire finalist on the table. Amongst the finalist he faced off with included Russell Thomas, who almost proved a headache to him all through. Others included Benny Spindler and Wilfred Yu. At the end, Negreanu face off with Daniel Marton in a heads up battle. Unfortunately for Marton, he proved no match for Negreanu and ended up finishing in the 2nd position. Negreanu’s win places him in the same list with the likes of Scotty Nguyen and John Juanda also for five times bracelet winners.

Caesars have to fine

As somebody has rightly said that if you want to earn big time, it is better to open a casino than be a poker player. If you are playing, you may either win or lose and the amount may be small or big. But if you are the owner of the casino, you will surely win, earning a large sum of money. Poker will no longer be a game of chance for you if you are the owner of the casino, it will be a win-win situation for you all through the end. This is the reason why so many successful poker players have invested their money in the casino business.

In a historic case, the New Jersey administration fined the Caesars Entertainment Corp. with a whooping amount of $225,000 for not stopping a customer from losing large amount of money on the tables. This case has seen the headlines for some time now with allegations to and fro from both the sides. Terrance Watanabe, a very rich person who is addicted to gambling, especially poker, alleged that the casino him with drugs and alcohol and let him lose tons of money at the tables. In fact he was provided with royalty treatment just so he could lose his fortune over the tables.

The casino made major changes to accommodate the client and ensure that he had the best time of his life. Keeping him entertained was a strategy to make him stay at the tables and ensure that the casino made a fortune out of it. Even the staff was shuffled if they were not to the liking of the client. All these facilities just so he could keep losing at the tables. The fight went to the court and then the settlement came in July 2010 wherein both the parties decided to reclaim the charges and Watanabe paid $100,000 against the debt of $14.7 million which he owned to the casino in the end. But out of this whole mess, the casino owners came out winners and their winning amount cannot even be counted.

Negreanu Challenges top players for Heads up match

Daniel Negreanu wants to take on three popular poker faces Viktor Blom, Tom Durrr Dawn, and Gus Hansen to heads up match organizing at EPT London. He has issued an open challenge in a YouTube video for all three poker players. As we know Gus Hansen is a famous high stake poker player with incredible achievements. This time Daniel Negreanu wants to compete against most popular faces at EPT London tournament. You can also check the online video where he has challenged all three players for ETP London heads up match.

The Canadian player Gus Hansen doesn’t have to move alone to London. Two teammates will also join him during tournament. All players are also signed up at as online poker player. Other popular faces are also added in his profile. Initially Daniel Negreanu was giving challenge to Gus Hansen alone. It was up to Gus Hansen who would join him as his teammates. Later, he decided three names to give challenge for heads up match. Daniel Negreanu has given wise challenge as potential picks are not mentioned as teammates. He has selected all three names carefully. It would be really great to watch the live performance of all four legend players together.

According to format, Daniel Negreanu would play three final tables with all three players. The player who would win two out of three tables will take the individual match. The party with two wins would be declared as final winner. The result is truly uncertain and millions of people are waiting for this exciting competition. However, we have not heard any response from Gus Hansen yet about Daniel Negreanu’s challenge. The event will be started in March at London. You can check the entire video of Daniel Negreanu’s challenge to get the full details.

Negreanu Looks for Love

Recently, Negreanu has taken turn to reality television show where he is looking for his love on Millionaire Matchmaker. Everyone is curious to know either he will get his love or not. It would be great experience for Negreanu itself. This time he has decided to try something different opposed to cards. In the past, we have seen number of poker players turned o reality television show. But all reality shows were associated with poker somewhere. Their experience was relevant when they were competing in reality shows.

Every show directly or indirectly attached with poker skills like reading opponents, risk factor, and weighing odds etc. It is necessary to observe your opponents closely and play calmly. However, we can say that Millionaire Matchmaker is quite different. Here we are not focusing at opponents. In fact it is necessary to focus at the skills of experienced matchmaker. The show helps the rich person in seeking their love and soul mate. The show was started in 2008 and it has become one of the popular television shows today.

The show is quite successful in achieving its objective. Most of the contestants have an age limit from 25 to 54. The show is targeting rich millionaire only so that they can find their love easily. Negreanu is also participating with a positive hope but it is uncertain either he would find his love or not. In the 6th season, Negreanu decide to participate in the show with a wealthy guy Brain Holloway. It is really tough to find your soul mate between strangers.

There is no doubt that Negreanu has much more pleasing personality as compared to Holloway. Most of the people have watched Negreanu’s performance during live poker tournaments. According to show format, plenty of singles are selected for dating then final selection is made at the end.

Man Of Mighty Mind

Daniel Negreanu the player from Las Vegas of America. This man who is the real hero of poker is one such guy who threw out his college graduation at the age and entered the field of poker to start with his poker games. He moved to Vegas at that period itself to mold himself in the field of the poker. This man started his victory move in the year of 1997 with the championship of world level after which he has been bagged the first places of about 34  times by which he has become one of the predominant winners of the poker arena of the today’s world. This man has peaking victories so that he has a very constant carrier in his poker life.

This man has constant victories of after the year 2000 he had peaking victory that touched the summit of more than $4000000 dollars in the year of 2004. After the year 2004 he had the victories of more than $1000000 on the year of 2006 which led him to be a player who has good fame in the field of poker.  Usually player would follow different statistics and tricks which they would not reveal. But, Daniel practiced as a tutor for the poker players who are blooming up. He worked at the online poker school and bestowed the knowledge for many players.

The man also played his role as a writer where he has wrote more than 100 articles in his life span which are very remarkable and notable. He has been portrayed as the role model for some of the poker players.  His ages are more than 38 and he is one of the persons around the globe who has achieved so much within his young ages. This man loves to spend his time on playing golf.

A Poster Boy in Poker World

In the gambling world, everybody feel affection for Daniel Negreanu as he is young, dynamic, good looking, brilliant and popular personality of the gambling world. He has grabbed the postage image of his popularity with his nickname “KidPoker” in the year of 1998 when he was become the youngest character of the poker rooms by his many winnings that he has caught in the various World Series of Poker. He grabbed his first bracelet in the World Series of Poker at the age of 24 only. Afterwards he never has shown his showing down in the poker history.

He wrote many books, blogs and online video sites diary that has made him an instructional face in the various poker sites. Daniel Negreanu has also developed many software and syndicate columns in the online websites which has brought him into the twenty first century with the user friendly and attractive interface that connects him to his immense popularity on the online environment of poker.

Being the son of “Romanian-immigrants”, Daniel Negreanu always had a dream for his unconventional career in which he has discovered his own talent in the poker surroundings at the age of 16. He has dropped out from the high school for only the reason of sharing the credit of his most goings-on in the poker rooms. Later on, he activated his skills by dedicating himself to improve his poker abilities. It was not so easy for him, but he tagged his all efforts for building his bankroll in the city of Toronto & Las Vegas.

The stunning sound of 1997 has brought him into the surroundings of major tournaments of World Poker Finals at Foxwoods in which he was allowed t enter in the live championships of WSOP, he won the title of 2004 with a great bid of $10,100,000 in the tournaments.