Marcel Luske in full battle gear to fight off Poker Frauds

Poker frauds have become common and poker player Marcel Luske, taking a break from the table, hopes that the menace can be tackled if the poker industry adapts the unique identification system developed by his company which is specially designed to crackdown frauds taking place in the game.

In order to do this he is taking a bet which he believes would prevent frauds and offer security to the game.

Marcel, a former pro from PokerStars declared this week that Fortified-ID his new venture has developed the first personal identification card system in the world which would uniquely feature an impossible to clone finger print. As per the company website the company creates “nonClonableIDTM technology (nCID)” labels and tags that carry inimitable digital fingerprints in the user’s identity cards. The cards will be authenticated by scanning the nCID tags which in turn will allow the determination of the identity of the persons by the poker platform. According to claim the compactly created identity cards will be ideal for poker registration to serving as a passport when you need to travel overseas.

According to the international chamber of commerce estimation world economy amounting to 2% is engineered on fraud and a total of $1.7 trillion on illegitimate commodities and services. This huge figure looming large over their head, industry is desperately in need of a solution and the Luske’s venture appears to be satisfactory to the sector. Casinos and event holders do not want scams infiltrating their poker tables and are going to great length to thwart the attempts by intruders.

Luske believes that his new product will ideally cut down lengthy entry lines at important events such as the World Series of Poker. The card will help the organizers to process the entries quickly and even receive payments by the tournament organizers according to the former poker player.