Daniel Negreanu-Poker to have won 6 WSOP

The right choice is in fact to play when you feel a little depressed or stressed, isn’t it?

You can choose a game which can give you the complete pleasure and also happiness while you play so. Playing is a habit to many of us always, yet the option when you choose to play counts the most. When you choose to play a game known as Poker, poker professionals are there to top this game.

This professional poker plays the game Poker, and has won totally 6 poker bracelets and also 2 WPT titles. The poker is given the nickname as Kid Poker, who was born by 1974. The poker is a Canadian poker who has bagged both WSOP and also WPT, whereby his 2nd finish in Big 1 For 1 Drop held in 2014, turned him as the biggest winner playing the tournaments specially. Named as WSOP player both in the years 2004 as well as in 2013, also he is knowable as WPT player of 2004-05. Also, the poker has the speciality that the poker has participated the final table in Las Vegas, Asia-Pacific and also in Europe and also has won the bracelet in each of these games.

Ambitious player:

Born in Ontario, the poker from his age 4, turned to be very much ambitious which he recalled in his interview after has won the bracelets. It was only few months to get the credits for his under graduation, yet he dropped to play poker at casinos. The poker resides in Canada. Poker has also contributed his prize money which he has won in the game, to a foundation where it’s meant to meet the special needs of children. The player has marked his bracelets in following years 1998, 2003, 04, 08, 13A and in 13E.

Raymond Wu is Chinese but has a sanguine bent

The Chinese are ubiquitously known for their ingenuity in innovations and inventions, but the country has spawned poker professionals with an international disposition. Poring over the list of the well-known poker players from China, one cannot omit Raymond Wu Shao Kang, he is Chinese but currently domiciled in Taiwan.

He made a paramount contribution to the fledgling poker industry in Asia and has wrung out substantial earnings. Though the casinos are ultra-lucrative, it behooves one to adopt a prudent approach that does not lead to the depletion of their financial base. With his painstaking play, Raymond has demonstrated players can survive in poker by optimizing the financial base.

In 2009, he played at the HK$50,000 NLHE Main Event, Macau Poker Cup that earned him a whopping $11,613 while placing 3rd. On the same year, he made a breakthrough accomplishment in the EPT that saw him emerge 7th where he navigated a tumultuous final table to take home $139,712. In the 2010 Macau Poker Cup he triumphed to win a main event where he cashed for $85,520. He has also played online poker with significant accomplishments that have catapulted him to the global pedestal of pros. He also plays with a team that consists of various Chinese players who have made tremendous progress in the poker industry. However, currently his poker games are normally online where he has earned substantial sums that place him among the top-notch internet based poker players.

As of 2013, his total live tournaments winnings had earned Raymond a stupendous $1,890,000. Viewed through a pecuniary prism, one cannot doubt he is in the game to squeeze out as much as he can. His accomplishments intimate an imperative lesson that should be imbibed in Chinese players who are promoting a fast-growing but nascent poker industry in Asia.