18 thoughts on “Daniel Negreanu talks about Live vs Online Poker”

  1. I love how he made fun of the stupid poker nerds who think they’re pros but no one buys it.

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  4. I have been the big stack plenty of time, and have lost to a short stack when I was 90%+ ahead on the flop and still lose. It’s just people forget when they get lucky and win and they forget when they lose a big hand.

    I have played plenty of sng’s on a bunch of sites and my roi is 25%+ and trust me I have lost with monster hands many many times, but I still don’t think it’s rigged like you and the magic612 guy claim.

  5. Name calling cos you don’t agree with me huh, very mature.

    These sites have a lot of gain rigging SNG’s. They want players out quickly and the tourny to be over as quick as possible. All the time that you are playing a SNG you’re not making the site money, so the quicker you’re out the quicker you will buy in to another. Notice in SNG’s they reward mindless agression and you’ll lose against the big stacks 90% of the time. If you think it’s legit then good for you and better for these sites.

  6. You are a joke and so is that Magic612 guy, and of coarse all his comments need to be approved by him. That’s why all the comments agree with him lol

    Tell us why is online poker rigged, what does the site get from rigging, especially when this Magic612 guy shows bad beats in a sng… the site has your money already why would they rig to make the pot bigger? there is no rake in sng’s or trnys.

  7. I’m 100% sure that online poker is rigged. I really don’t wanna go into it I don’t even play online anymore. Common sense should tell you all you need to know. Go watch some of Magic612 videos.

  8. You seem pretty sure that online is rigged, is there much evidence out there?

  9. As I’ve said I’m tired of debating online poker. If you have done your research and put the hours in playing and still come to the conclusion that it is legit then good for you keep playing.

  10. Common sense tells me that basically you have no evidence to support your claim.

  11. Well good for you if you believe it’s legit. That’s exactly what they want you to believe but common sense should tell you otherwise. Anyways I no longer care either way.

  12. What’s your evidence for saying online is rigged? I play online poker, i don’t think it’s rigged. If your claim is based on the bad beats you’ve lost then the claim is ridiculous. The same bad beats happen in live poker. You need to have done a complete statistical analysis of all the hands dealt online in order to make such a claim.

  13. Play and see for yourself. I would go into it but I have argued so much about online poker I’m don’t want to debate it anymore.

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